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Spa Party with your Besties

Every girl deserves to feel her best and desires to look their best too! Enjoy our at-home spa set up perfect for a small get together with your friends. You can choose this activity for a birthday celebration, or just because! 

What is included? 

This package is for up to 16 guests. 

First, we have the pedicure station. We bring chairs, pedicure bins, sponges, bath bombs, and pedicure tool kits.

Second, is the facial station. This includes our bowls, bath bombs, towels, cucumbers, vanity mirrors, and face masks. Our picnic table is provided for use if you need it. 

Balloon decorations are offered as an add on and recommended :) Our personal favorite is getting a large initial balloon of the birthday girl paired with bundles of balloons near the stations. Please note, we do not stay for the duration of the party to help with hair or nails. We recommend partnering with your local salon. 

The cost of this package is $ 65 per person.