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Collection: Party Add-On's

We have a listing of our add-on's below but are always working to help customize your event by meeting individual client needs. These are our current offerings with new add-ons featured seasonally and as we see demand from our clients. 


S'more Station - $150 rental 

Enjoy a tasty s'more with our handmade station stocked with everything you need to make that favorite summer dessert!

Includes our handmade station, sticks, marshmallows, chocolate, burners, and graham crackers for the group!

Popcorn Bar - $200 rental 

Fresh popcorn and a box of your favorite candy is the perfect addition to any movie night or party. Make your own or enjoy your locally-made popcorn made here in Michigan!

Includes our table top popcorn maker, up to 6 toppings, containers, and some locally-made popcorn. 


Sundae Bar - $15 per person

Did you realize how many ice cream brands are made here in Michigan? Enjoy them and some fun toppings with us too!

Includes the spoons, containers, choice of two ice creams, up to 6 toppings, and signage. 


Spa Kits - $35 per person 

Every one deserves some rest and relaxation, am I right? The spa kit is the perfect add on to any package and we include cucumbers and warm towels with this experience too!

Includes Colorstreet nails, face masks, sleep masks, headbands, and bath bombs. 


Dream Catcher Activity - $20 per person

Everything starts with a dream. The dream catcher kit comes with step-by-step instructions on how to create a beautiful dream catcher you can display anywhere.

Includes step-by-step instructions and everything you need to create your very own dream catcher. 

Personalized Pillow Cases- $30 per person

We love creating personalized pillowcases for our parties. It makes for a great favor too!

*Does not include the pillow. This is the pillowcase only with a name and icon discussed between us and the client. 

Balloon *POP*- $19 per foot 

Birthday's aren't complete without balloons. Add a balloon arch to your party to add a pop or color!

We are able to do organic balloon arches and bundles over teepee tents in house, but if you are looking for backdrops, number-filled balloons, etc. we do work with third-parties. 

Movie Projector & Screen - $150 rental

Want to watch your favorite movie on a big screen? We provide everything you need to set up the ultimate movie night.

Includes our projector, movie screen, apple tv/firestick, and bluetooth speaker. We set up your movie by connecting to your WiFI. We have a Disney Plus or Netflix account for movie selections. 


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