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Here comes the Sun!

Check out our latest summer outdoor glamping tent we have added to our collection. We are calling her "Here comes the Sun!" There is just something so fun about the colors that brightens up any event your hosting this summer. 

This tent is made of different material than our traditional glamping tents. It is made of polyester fabric which makes it more light-weight and weather-friendly when we get those rainy summer nights. 

It also is a little smaller than the canvas glamping tents we've been renting. This tent is best set up as a lounge hang out space for up to 10-12 kids. You can set up up to 3-4 air mattresses in this tent for overnight sleepovers. 

Our Here comes the Sun glamping tent will be rented out this summer for $650. We offer overnight rentals only. This includes our tent, a sleepover or lounge set up, and decor (such as plants, tables, rugs, etc.). If you wish to include balloons or any other special decor charges will apply. 

To inquire about this tent, please email us at