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The truth about party favors

We have all been there. 

We drop our kids off at their friend's party and are waiting to see what they are bringing back home as a favor. Great, more junk. 

Because so many parents are looking to get more creative with their "favors" if they even do them anymore in 2023, we have compiled a list of some of our top kid-friendly, parent-approved birthday favors that you should check out. 

Happy Shopping! 

First, we start with the essentials! 

Colored bags- good size, bright colors, durable, and easy to carry. - 

Custom tags- with all your guests, you need to identify what favor belongs to who!

Girl Party Favors Ideas


Light up Ring Pals-

Slime Kit-



Boys Party Favor Ideas


LED Fidget Spinner Bracelets-

Drawing Pad Key Chain-







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