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The new normal of "Back to School"- We have three left!

Every summer around this time, parents and their kids are headed to the stores with their school lists gathering everything they will need for the new school year. New folders, markers, rulers, pencils, crayons, glue... the list goes on and on! By now, the back to school section in Target starts to look a bit empty but I have noticed something different this year. They are running sales and there are full bins of supplies. 

We are experiencing a new normal of "Back to School" this summer. We still do not know what plans are going to look like- virtual, hybrid, or in person instruction is all up in the air even after districts already started announcing their plans to the community. 

After experiencing this uncertainty in our own district, we decided how important it was for us to prepare for the possibility of homeschooling. What first came to our mind was, that we never thought we would be in the position to home-school nor was it our first choice. My husband and I both were raised in the public school system and that was always our plans once we started our own family.  But this year, our son will be entering kindergarten which is a special time in his life. We haven't necessarily shared with him that this may not happen. I am not looking forward to that discussion. It really breaks my heart but at the same time I am trying to be positive and focus on what I can CONTROL! 

So my next thought is, if we are forced to stay home this year how I can I make it special for him? There needs to be a space in our house just for him that can be used for learning. This is when our Back to School Tent Package was born! 

If you haven't already seen it, it is the ultimate package that any child would love. It comes with a tent, your choice of one of five fabrics, our Back to School Dream Bin, a floor table, lights, a new water bottle, and a face mask. It is basically their classroom desk but under a tent. A unique space you can use for writing, reading, imaginary play, and fun. A kid's ultimate dream. 

I am determined to make this year special for him no matter what the circumstance. This year will no doubt be different, but one we will never forget.

Themes & Dreams, 


If you would like to purchase this bin, please send us an email ( We have removed our Dream Bins from the website for an update coming soon! 


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