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The beginning of something dreamy!

That time when you have an outside event, and it decides to storm for the first time in a month... that was us yesterday! Someone was looking down on us because it cleared an hour before our event which meant set up needed to be on point!

Our first event couldn't have went better. We had a great crowd- loyal fans of the little donut factory, neighbors, friends, family, and new faces who heard of the event on social media. It was perfect. 

So much goes into pulling off an event. The logistics, set up, products, and on and on... we really worked hard to make it a special day and I am thrilled we could share it with so many supportive people. 

These days, people really want to support local small businesses. So many wanted to know more about our company and it was reassuring to know our products and services are ones that people want. Now its just about promoting it, advertising, and word of mouth. 

I wanted to share a few pictures with you as this will be an event we will forever remember as the beginning of something wonderful.

Themes & Dreams,


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