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Patriotic Fun!

Celebrating flag week and independence day are some of my favorites! I want my kids to grow up understanding what our flag stands for and the meaning behind independence day. For now, at their ages I thought a sensory bin filled with rice, patriotic charms, and stars would be exciting and a way for us to talk about what the colors mean, what the star symbolizes and even make a necklace or bracelet for a friend or family member with a patriotic charm or two! 

Activity ideas for this bin are endless. You can scoop the rice and pour it in the silicone stars. Your kids can make necklaces or bracelets for their besties or a family member. I also saw my boys sorting the red, white, and blue stars from each other as well as searching for the charms and placing them in the silicone stars.

We shared our bin with a friend of ours, and she was engaged with it for over an hour! It helps she loves to make necklaces and bracelets but still! She even explored on her own by grabbing a container from the kitchen to fill it up with rice. I love when I see their little minds working. :) 

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Be red, white, and blue proud! 

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