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Our first sleepover tent party!


Prior to launching, I wanted to make sure I gathered a lot of feedback on products. Whether it was on our logo, wearing our face masks, having their kids explore our dream bins, or playing in our tents for an overnight I just knew how important it would be and how better it would make us. 

Our first sleepover tent party was a hit! My friend Katie and her two boys (ages 2 and 4) graciously offered to host a sibling sleepover at their home. We decided on the camo themed tents, added the campfire and bears, and made sure they had some entertainment with our ice cream and garden dream bins. I came to set it up as the boys were at their grandparents so it was going to be a surprise for them when they got home. Katie had shared with them earlier that morning that a surprise would be waiting for them to help build it up. A few hours after I set up, I received a video that made me tear up. It was of the boys coming in seeing the tents for the first time. It literally made my weekend. I was so happy the boys loved them and couldn't wait to be in them. 

When deciding whether or not to take the leap on starting this business, I imagined how it would make kids feel to see and experience our product. I saw what it did to my own kids and only hoped it would be the same for others. 

This video was confirmation of that and reminded me of how grateful I am for taking that leap. 

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 Our first sleepover reaction!

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