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*PROMO* July is our Anniversary Month!

What a ride it has been! Did you know how it all got started? 

After taking on sewing as a hobby, I fell in love with making things. I spent evenings exploring YouTube creators and eventually landed on a few Instagram pages too of expert sewers learning all the tricks and fun things you could make for birthdays, special occasions, and your family. 

During a late night browse through Pinterest, there it was. A teepee tent. My boys loved creating their own tents to play in using blankets and pillows from our family room couch, but now I could sew... 

So I created two tents for the boys. I couldn't wait to surprise them with them. The pandemic had just started, there was so much uncertainty, only that we would be stuck in the house together for the unforeseeable future. That meant, finding ways to entertain the kids and create some fun memories out of this uncertain time. 

It is crazy to think how long it took me to sew, measure. and cut my first tents. Fun fact: I can now sew a single tent in 15 minutes!! 

After the boys found so much joy and excitement over the tents, I began to explore other activities we could do in them so that I could create weekly activities incorporating this handmade product I just spent time doing. 

And there it was again.. sleepover tent parties! That was it. Perfect. I loved throwing a good kid party and add a theme and I am like a child in a candy shop going on a hunt for all the things to make that perfect party come together. 

So I begin creating a few things I thought the kids would enjoy and asked friends and family members to test out the tents. They all LOVED them. We gathered feedback for months and took a little break to sew masks for the front line workers, nursing homes, family, and friends to give back to the community and get some more hours on the sewing machine too :) Practice makes perfection, right? 

It was then I continued to lead with my heart and found what I was destined to do. Pair my love for party planning with giving back to others and bringing smiles to faces during some difficult times. I have always been amazed at how resilient kids have been over the past year so to reward them with a special, unique, memorable way to celebrate their special day was something I felt so humbled to be a part of. The messages from clients that their family needed a special night together, or a birthday girl or boy's birthday got canceled the year before so they wanted to celebrate in a special way this year, or a milestone to celebrate that needed to be covid-friendly were just some of the amazing experiences we have been a part of. We feel so grateful. 

It all just started with a sewing machine, love for party planning, and a heart for the possibility to make my dreams a reality. 

With the support of family, friends, and especially my husband Danny who has supported this dream since day one, I will forever be thankful. 

I am so proud of where we are, what we have learned along the way, and excited for what is to come for us. 

Watch out, the best is yet to come! 

In honor of our anniversary next month, official date is July 10, we will be giving a complimentary tent to the birthday girl/boy for the entire month of July (you will also receive this promo if you book a party with us during the month of July for a future date).

In addition, we will be giving 10% off all of our glamping tent and outdoor movie experiences reservations.  

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! We hope to continue to bring happiness, joy, and memorable experiences to your families. 

Themes & Dreams,



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