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Hope & Happiness in a Tent

Nancy saw a social media post about a party Sweet Mitten Dreams created, she was so excited that she immediately reached out to the new Michigan start-up to learn more about their work. Nancy is the Executive Director for Wish Upon A Teen, an organization that decorates hospital rooms for teens experiencing a long-term stay. Wish Upon A Teen takes a difficult situation and makes a person feel more at home, happy, and comfortable. When Nancy saw what Sweet Mitten Dreams did for kids during the pandemic, she couldn’t help but see the relationship between the two organizations. That’s what encouraged Nancy to connect and start to discuss a memorable celebration, one that was much closer to home. 

Nancy’s daughter, Hope, will be celebrating the 9th anniversary of her Bone Marrow transplant in late February. Nancy wanted to celebrate this incredible milestone in a special way, but was unclear how to move forward in the safest way due to the pandemic. After speaking with us, we decided to collaborate and move forward with our new product, a bell outdoor glamping tent. Nancy knew it was the perfect solution. I met with Hope and Nancy to learn more about Hope’s favorite things in order to create the most memorable celebration for her. Hope’s favorite colors, things to eat, tv shows, places to go, things to do, were all discussed to help provide me with inspiration to customize a beautiful space for her to be with friends and family members. 

The event took place at Hope’s home in Southfield, MI on February 28, 2021, where family and close friends joined together to celebrate. We designed and decorated the glamping tent which included many of Hope’s favorite things for a special day in the sunshine. “After meeting Hope, my heart felt so full. Her love for her family, friends, and life after everything she has been through was so inspiring to me. I feel so grateful to have been asked to be a part of this celebration and know that we will now be friends for a lifetime." “Hope is a person you just want to make happy because she just makes you smile in return.” 

We have been partnering with other local small businesses for their support in making the event special for Hope. 

The launch of a new product, celebration of a new milestone, and beginning of new relationships are just some of the amazing things happening in this moment. There is something extremely powerful that can happen when two beautiful concepts collide.



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