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Pretty flowers!

The kids had a lot of fun with this bin. They are really enjoying our veggie garden this year- taking care of it and making observations on what is starting to appear. The boys helped me plant some flowers this year and fill the pots up with dirt. A really fun activity to do together with your kids in the spring and early summer time. It was really fun too when they spotted a frog in our dirt bag. It was a SURPRISE they were not expecting. 

There are a lot of different activities you can do with this bin. You can have your child free play and make their own flower arrangements. You can ask them to create a flower pot that has 3 flowers and another that only has one color. You can have them sort all the colors and make arrangements, or have them include a different color in each of their pots. Lots of great variations and ways for them to use their creativity. 

The bugs are a fun way to introduce play as well and have them interact and identify which bugs are in their garden.

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Happy planting! 


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