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What's under the sea?

What child doesn't like water beads? A parent on the other hand... well it can get pretty messy. But they are so much fun for the kids and feel so cool too! My boys love watching them go from how teeny they are to the size they are when we add them to our bins! 

For National Fishing and Boating week, we used blue water beads to resemble the sea. Added some boats and sea creatures, and a few fine motor skill tools and they were occupied for than 30 minutes. I am not kidding! 

They were rescuing the animals with their tools, using their boats to swim around the sea, scooping up the water beads, and so much more! I was amazed at how this held my boys attention which soon lead to my daughter joining in on the fun. Let's just say she started off being graceful and within 5 minutes....well... I think there were more beads on the floor than in the bin. #reality. 

As I mentioned, this activity kept the attention of my 5 and 3.5 year old and it didn't have to be very structured. I'd suggest letting them explore with the sea creatures, boats, and beads to see what they come up with and if you need to jump in add some fun by suggesting they park the boats on one side of the bin. Organize the creatures by color or type of creature, or maybe see how water beads they can scoop up with their fine motor skills tool and count them! 

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It's a good day to be on a boat! 



  • Before our water beads were ready, we had fun adding the animals and tools to our backyard pool. So fun!

  • We loved What’s under the sea!

  • Awesome . We love What’s under the sea.


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